CASE STUDY 2: Business to Business - Charity Lead Generation

How much time does your company spend on generating warm leads?

If you answer ‘too much’ to this question and believe the return on the investment you make in your sales team is better spent closing the sale, the Core Contact can take the stress out of your business to business campaign. Our aim is to help your company or charity drive forward your sales efficiently.

Campaign Details

Kidney Research UK was founded in 1961 and is the leading UK charity dedicated to funding research aimed at finding better treatments, and ultimately a cure, for kidney disease. They have over £10.1 million invested in research at any one time, awarding grants to researchers across the UK.

The Kidney Research campaign comprises:

  • Identifying decision makers within prospect companies to improve coverage of the fundraising event
  • Establishing the reach of the event within these companies and encourage its promotion via distribution of media packs
  • Managing data to encourage the best possible decision-maker contact rate and reduce campaign time
  • Adjusting follow-up calls as required to ensure
    maximum coverage is achieved with the highest
    contact rate possible

We speak to a series of relevant participants during the campaign that enables Kidney Research to maximise the awareness and participation in their fundraising events.
By speaking directly to the correct people they are able to significantly increase the volume of participants.

"Due to the previous success in terms of both excellent results and good customer feedback, the campaigns have rolled out and we have seen an increase in public awareness"

         Outsourcing Manager, Kidney Research UK