CASE STUDY 3: Consumer Marketing Promotions

Is the time of you and your colleagues better spent developing the strategic direction of your business whilst working closely with a partner to increase revenue streams from day to day activities:

If so, Core Contact can support you in driving forward your sales activity.

Campaign Details

Win24 has been successfully marketing its product for over 14 years. Win24 is the original competition entry service and is the market leader with the best references and greatest experience. It has the highest quality standards in the areas of competition registration technology as well as customer service. Win24 has a large subscription base and already has over 180,000 winners through its product marketing. Win24 has proved to be one of the most efficient and effective new marketing tools in recent years.

The Win24 campaign comprises:

  • Developing different approaches to potential customers and developing campaigns to increase new customer┬ávolumes
  • Sourcing campaign data to match the profile of the company’s target market and so maximise contact & sales rates
  • Calling all leads to sell the competition entry service
  • Re-subscribing lapsed customers
  • Distributing and analysing promotional material to potential customers
  • Contacting national catalogue databases to promote the service and maintain a good customer relationship
  • In depth analysis of customer subscription patterns and product development

By sourcing bespoke data and continuously improving their customer base, Core supports Win24 in maximising its investment whilst developing their marketing even further.
Our approach to securing new business opportunities together shows a dedication to building the Win24 brand image and growing the product to be known globally.

"Their dedication & understanding of the customer subscription market has played a significant part in improving our membership retention"

         Managing Director, Win24 Ltd