Bryan Douglas-Dala

Managing Director

With over 20 years' experience at the forefront of the contact centre business, Bryan leads the team


A specialist in contact centres delivering value for the publishing, membership organisation and insurance industries, Bryan’s strategic approach to outbound sales and subscription management has led to the development of a series of unique customer service and new business acquisition models that have

delivered outstanding results for clients.

Gary Hockenhull

Call Centre Manager

A sales professional with advanced
 knowledge of all aspects of the call
centre operation


Gary is constantly adapting our call centre to ensure that Core continues to provide a market-leading service. His technical ability to develop Core’s existing customer management platform allows us to continue to bring innovation to the sector and ensures you remain ahead of the competition with all your campaigns.

David Norman

Account Manager

David is dedicated to working as part
of each client’s team to bring success
to every new campaign


David applies a range of innovative
client-focused management
techniques, which ensure all new
projects have the best possible
chance of long-term success.

Peter Stanley

IT Analyst

Data handling and analysis specialist
Peter has over 20 years experience
within the industry


Peter also plays a key part in investigating
new technological breakthroughs that may advance or add value to our service range.

Sue Thompson

Customer Relationship Manager

Sue has been central to the development of

Core’s subscription systems for more than
10 years


Her detailed understanding of customer campaigns and data handling are integral to delivering value to clients’ customers. Sue’s team are praised for their interpersonal skills and consistently high level of customer feedback, managing over 7,000 calls and emails each month.

Alex Murphy

Quality & Fulfilment Manager

Alex delivers successful campaigns
through attention to detail across
all client activities


He runs Core’s fulfilment and handling services and is experienced in minimising delivery times to customers

in conjunction with other campaign planning. He also specialises in ensuring all aspects of each campaign deliver controlled quality targets across the business.

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