Why choose Core Contact?

At Core, we recognise the importance of listening to and fully understanding our clients and their marketplace, so that we are able to work collaboratively towards achieving their long-term ambitions and strategic aims.
often introduce new ideas to our clients and are currently running successful projects that have been initiated by us in-house and developed with clients to form key parts of their on-going marketing and sales activities. We are also able to react quickly to a client’s need for a rapidly deployed tactical campaign that is time-sensitive when an unexpected opportunity arrives. We believe this is a vital part of what puts us at the forefront of the industry.

We continually review and refine our technical services and have developed our own bespoke systems that have proved to be more effective than simple “off-the-shelf” solutions, as well as integrating with our clients’ own in-house databases.

Continuous improvement in our IT services helps us push the boundaries of customer service, while added value is realised in the shape of accurate data recording, complete visibility of activity and results, quick lead distribution, lead tracking and ultimately return on investment. We quality check our agents’ sales calls

every day to make sure that our team is on-message and is representing a client’s brand as though it was our own.


  • We offer a complete solution from order or sale to fulfilment and data processing
  • We have developed one of the most advanced and effective subscription management systems available
  • Your customers are not just a number. Our agency training, focused on one to one connections between two people, is designed to make your customers feel special about your brand
  • We ensure compliance with the DMA Code of Conduct in all our activity
  • For several customers we source and purchase data on their behalf (often at our own risk)
  • Flexibility with campaign payment terms – (cost per acquisition/cost per call/hourly rate)
  • State-of-the-art technology means we can deliver the efficiencies of the largest centres with the personal attention of smaller units
  • Agent retention is 20% higher than the industry average, giving clients a significantly more experienced team to represent their brands
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